A QUIET BOOK: What is it ?

What is a quiet book?

The quiet book is a fabric book with educational activities in which young children can participate. Each page of a quiet book includes zippers, buttons to attach, bows and 3-dimensional objects which the child can become familiar with, and these different tasks are cleverly integrated into scenarios. The child thus discovers to recognize familiar contexts such as meal times, laundry, life on the farm or jungle animals , to name just a few examples.

The objective of the activity book is to help the young child (generally from 0 to 6 years old) to develop his fine psychomotricity, that is to say all the motor functions in connection with the thought like the coordination and attentional control. These are essential skills that require contextualization and appropriate exercises: and this is mainly what quiet books offer.

The silent book is not meant to compete with traditional or school education, but rather to enable a child to learn key skills and independence while developing creativity. The activities offered in the quiet book engage the attention of a child in a healthy way since he is not distracted by the sounds or images of a television screen. He can play calmly and concentrate to learn at his own pace.

The materials used for a quiet book vary in order to familiarize the child with his sense of touch. Unlike a classic book, the quiet book contains geometric shapes and objects with which the child can interact. The textures and components in this activity book are safe for children.

Why use a quiet book?

A quiet book is designed to encourage the learning of valuable skills for the child that will be useful throughout his life. This activity book adapts to the child and helps them learn to perform simple tasks (such as attaching a button) with clever contextualization (retrieving extended clothes for storage, for example).

The quiet books sold are designed based on proven educational approaches such as Montessori pedagogy, for example, individualized teaching that takes into account the pace of the child while offering challenges. In France, these teaching methods, which can be found in the quiet book, are recognized by the Ministry of National Education and are being implemented in nursery and primary schools. However, students in the French school system do not have access to quiet books or other such extensive educational books focused on psychomotor development and children's creativity. Thus, the quiet book provides access to a form of complementary education that it will not be able to find in the current school system.

Finally, each child evolves and learns at his own pace and the quiet book is an intelligent solution to support his learning. A large number of children reveal their great potential by using a teaching approach different from the traditional one requiring the constant presence of an adult. Some children will therefore be more comfortable if they can learn at their own pace and independently.

The benefits of the quiet book

The quiet book has many benefits for children and parents, especially when compared to other educational activities and games:

  • It promotes the psychomotor development of the child through simple tasks requiring coordination of several motor functions.
  • Brings calm: the child can play and learn in peace without getting bored: the activities are stimulating enough for him.
  • It stimulates creativity by giving the child the opportunity to make choices (choose clothes for a character, move 3-dimensional objects, etc.).
  • It gives the child autonomy: he familiarizes himself with the quiet book and learns to use it on his own. He can use it at his own pace and choose the tasks he wants to perform. Parents do not need to be constantly at the child's bedside or explaining the different pages of the book to them because they are designed for them.
  • Free parents: parents particularly appreciate seeing their child manage and succeed in the games offered on each page by himself. They can of course give instructions and show the child how to perform the tasks if they wish.

What should a quiet book consist of?

An excellent quiet book should include a set of activities that allow you to develop skills without being overloaded. We can find stimulating awakening games comprising the following pages:

  • Identification of colors, shapes,
  • The use of snaps, buckles
  • Learning to spell
  • Learning numbers
  • Learning the time and date
  • Memory games
  • The discovery of nature and animals

The Silent Book: For What Age Is It Appropriate?

A quiet book is designed for a specific age category, generally from 0 to 6 years old. Some books like ours at My Kiddy Shop are designed for a more specific age (eg 0 to 1 year old).

Is the quiet book suitable for my child?

The Quiet Book takes into account the child's age and potential, but you are free to choose the book that best suits your child's potential and abilities. Quiet books are designed for young children and have simple tasks for them while giving them a challenge. The objects and materials are designed to present no risk to the child.

Where can I find a quiet book?

Quiet books are available in specialist bookstores and online. At My Kiddy Shop, you will find quiet books to support the development of your child from 0 to 6 years old. Each of our books is designed for a specific age category) from 0 to 1 year old, from 1 year to 2 years old, etc.) to better meet the needs of the child.

We are the quiet book specialists in France. Our books are designed by graphic designers specializing in educational children's books and all of our products comply with European standards. To learn more about our products, browse our collection of quiet books and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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