It is the experience as parents of 2 little girls aged 3 and 5 that led us to design activity books for children from 0 to 6 years old. Based on the observation that educational books were not very accessible to the majority of families with limited budgets, we set ourselves the mission of creating quality fabric books, with high educational value, at the best price on the market.

We are taking charge of the entire distribution chain from the design of the activity books to their marketing. All of our kiddy books are original and designed with the help of graphic designers specializing in children's books. We take care to adapt each of our products to the best teaching methods such as the Montessori approach.


At MYKIDDYSHOP we know how childhood is a defining moment in psychomotor learning and the development of children's creativity.

We are parents ourselves and we have seen the benefits of awakening books on the psychomotricity and creativity of our children.

Our books and products reflect our experience and those of many other parents with a desire to offer high quality quietbooks at an affordable price and with fast delivery (your orders are delivered by post by colissimo in less than a week).

Child safety above all

All of our fabric books and all of our products meet European safety standards. Our activity books are made from raw materials that are safe for children. Some elements of the game pages are detachable, but cannot be swallowed or hit the child. Parents are reassured and the child can learn in a fun and independent way in complete safety.

Educational products that children love

Our activity books and products for children contain elements designed to arouse the curiosity and creativity of children aged 0 to 6: hidden animals, zippers, buttons to detach, objects to move, etc. These simple and educational activities appeal to children who learn calmly and at their own pace. At no time is the child's attention disturbed, as can be the case with screens or electronic objects that are too distracting.


We consider that each child is unique and that their psychomotor or creative development must take place at the rhythm that corresponds to them. Our books and educational products allow children to develop independence and an interest in learning on their own or with an adult. These educational games greatly improve the child's ability to understand and facilitate his adaptation to the school environment (nursery, nursery school and primary school).

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